What we do

Happy ChildYoung people from disadvantaged backgrounds are very often excluded from taking part in outdoor activities due to the normally high costs involved. Go Country are able to give the young people the opportunity to experience our activities by maintaining our prices at the lowest possible level. We can also advise groups where they can access external funding to enable them to meet any amounts they need to raise.

It has been shown that participating in outdoor adventure activities can affect changes in those taking part. In particular the areas most improved include self confidence, self esteem, communication skills, team building skills and problem solving skills. Many of these skills are regarded as ‘transferable’ in that they can be integrated into the young persons' every day life. Improving their confidence and esteem empowers them to take responsibility for improving their circumstances. With their new found communication, problem solving and team building skills they are better able to express themselves and to consider new options for their future.

A secondary benefit for the young people is that taking part in activities they increase their exercise levels and are made aware of the need to eat healthily and to look after their physical health.

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